About Us

Why do Traders Trust Us

Our Goal is to create a community based on transparency and legitimate result for our users. We at SmartEaIncubator team work hard to build the highest quality tools for your trading journey.

Safe and Confidential

We have a safe and confidential framework for keeping our clients information.

Fast Solutions

SmartEaIncubator is a rapid solution to increase your trading profits.

Customer Care

We provide excellent customer care. We will get back to you in less than 2 hours.

Cashback Program

We have a cashback program where you can ensure results without losing anything.

Who are we and What we do?

We are SmartEaIncubator – As full-time team of Forex traders and developers. Like every trader we’ve had good times and bad, we just know how hard it is to grow your portfolio and account, especially if you are new to this market and many fake and scammers involved in it. That’s why we’ve decided to work on building advanced technology that is able to help traders get started with trading.

Trading Indicators

We create and provide Expert Advisors and custom trading indicators for MetaTrader 4, which conduct sophisticated analysis of fast-moving markets in a split second.

Designing Tools

We design all of our tools to give you an edge and to make trading as simple as possible to save you lots of time trying to gather data from the history of charts.

Positive Feedback

We have helped countless traders transform their Forex trading strategies with technical analysis indicators that authentically work and have a positive impact.

The Founder

A little bit about Erfan

Hey there, it’s Erfan MMS the founder of Smart EA Incubator, the fastest growing Forex automation community on the internet.

Trading in Market

I live in Canada and I’ve been trading since 2019. I got scammed by a fake mentor in 2020 and lost my whole investment in this market and became homeless for 6 months.(Thanks to my uncle that let me sleep on his couch during that time.

Birth of Smart EA Incubator

In 2021, I came across a team of developers and traders who were specialized in building automated bots and algorithmic trading bots. It kinda dragged my attention to it and decided to jump on the board with them and ask them for the bot.

Have Global Awards

Now, my team and I are all proud of the development of the EAs and here we are at Smart EA Incubator and serving all of you dear traders with the most advanced trading bots which are capable of generating 1 – 1.5% profit every single day.

We Are A Registered Company!

Smart EA Incubator is a registered company which ensures to provide quality oriented solution to profitable trading experience.

We constantly get stopped out if we don’t trade according to gigantic banks and institutions who know where the most amount of liquidity is or we don’t have any tool that opens a position on our behalf to avoid bad market conditions and manipulations.

So Smart EA Incubator changes that. We’ve built it as the most powerful Forex trading bot (Expert Advisor) with an accuracy of over 86%.

Our Location

Headquarter Office in Canada

CEO and chairman, Accountant, Long-Distance sales Lawyer, Developers

Technical Team in India

Programmers, Website maintenance Group

Marketing and Social Media Advertising

United Kingdom

Time To Trade Completely Hands-Free And Gain 8-25% Profit Consistently Using An Advanced Tool.

Our Goal is to create a community base on transparency and legitimate result for our users. We in SmartEaIncubator team will work hard to build the highest quality tools for your trading journey.