Little Known Secrets That Can Steer You To Tremendous Profits In The Market

Thanks To Expert Advisors That Are Able To Do It Every Time, So You Can Easily Trade Hands-Free And Enjoy The Progress On A Daily Basis and finally taste profit in the market.

Why Choose Us

Here’s Why More Traders Are Choosing Robots
Over Manual Trading Strategies

The least known technique to
trade successfully

Forex EAs allow you to trade completely hands-free and gain passive profits on a daily basis without lifting a finger

Even a 2 year old kid can use it

EAs are the easiest and the most lucrative tools for all traders and they unlock massive amount of profits that over 90% of traders are not able to achieve.

It never sleeps!

Our advanced EAs can trade the market every day during a specific time when you are sleeping and dreaming about your goals!

Way more consistent than humans!

The EA is always awake and also sharp about every position it takes to make sure they all close in profit.

An Exclusive Opportunity

Expert Advisors & Challenge Pass Automation

You see, in the past, the exciting world of currency trading was too difficult to reach for most people and it took them forever to open even ONE contract. It was mainly available to big institutions, central banks, and high wealth individuals.

But the progress of the internet over time has allowed every individual to earn huge profits from online currency trading specially with unbelievably developed trading bots

Today, trading robots allow you to claim your share of this trillion dollar market, and finally achieve financial freedom, independence and your dreams. Earning big money as a regular trader is hard, tedious and risky to achieve, however, by using expert advisors, you can now just sit back, relax and wait for your daily and monthly profits.

How Does It Benefit You?

Our Product

Algo-Trading Expert Advisors & Challenge Automation

Our Trading EAs are an Expert advisor that automatically executes trades according to smart preprogrammed instructions and built-in fundamental analysis system, so you just need to install it, turn it on, and just leave the rest to the bot to do the trade for you and bring you consistent gains every day!

+You can also leverage our hedge fund EA to pass your prop firm challenge on auto-pilot in less than a week and get funded within 20 days

This Bot Exploits Big Bank's Tactics And Automate The Entire Trading Journey

Secret decoding

They secretly decode the profitable strategy of big banks and institutions to trade according to them and avoid retail traders as much as possible.

Fast order executions

Fast order executions that happen in a millisecond and ensure that orders are closed in a decent amount of profit.

Secrets of market

The quickest and the fastest way to finally become a profitable trader just because the EA knows the dirty secrets of whales in the market.

We Are The Expert

The Single Hidden Truth That Why All Traders Need To Automate Their Trading Journey.

Having a tool such as an expert advisor is key when it comes to trading a Trillion dollar market with billions of dollars in liquidity. Your goal should always be staying away from retail traders who are always a bait for market whales and big banks.

So it’s your turn to join the winning team and bank the liquidity using a robot. The Smart Ea Incubator team of Forex trading experts, analysts and programmers that have prepared and packaged the most effective Forex EAs & indicators so you can build a stable passive income source with ease and trade with big guys in the market.

Sneaky Method To Take Advantage Of Market & Get Ahead Of 97% Of Losing Traders

In today’s world, making money and progressing extremely fast, requires the right tools and resources. At the same time, trading manually could still be costing you an arm and a leg if not done properly.

Since there’s no emotion with expert advisors, you could be ahead of all other losing traders significantly faster by just using a simple machine which can bring you 10 – 45% of your initial investment every month which is mind-blowing.

How to Get the Best Results?

Forex bots are merely tools to support traders. You still need to understand how to use them and how they exactly perform to get the most out of them. 


Thankfully, we deliver our products with proper guidance. If you follow the instructions step by step, you will achieve excellent results.


Our robots and indicators have been tested and used by many professional traders who all agree SmartEaIncubator develops helpful tools.


It's not only that! If you get our prop firm passing EA (Alpha EA Incubator), you'll get access to Turbo Gold Incubator as well at no extra cost! (Please refer to more information on the product page), so you can both pass your prop firm challenge, manage your funded account + grow your personal account at the same time!

Full Time Service

You are going to get access to us and we'll be able to help you with all your trading questions + give you tips and tricks to use the bot in the best way possible!

Frequently Ask Questions

It depends what product/service you decide to use and for what purpose. However, over 90% of our products have a one-time payment.


Check your email (also junk mail and promotion folder) for your members area registration link to download Smart Ea Incubator's tools.

Or please contact our support team on Telegram at to receive all the files.

Any MT4 broker is going to work, we have clients all around the world.

You can use your current broker, or you can register with our recommended broker with a super tight spread.

Our expert advisors use price action + strategic martingale that work best in most market conditions and we also have a news filter to make sure that the EA trades during profitable times.

The EA trades during multiple sessions based on your choice. Plus, it works on one pair per account to ensure we avoid volatility at all costs, and so that our accounts grow steadily.

You are not able to use this on your phone.

Our expert advisors work on MT4, which requires a PC, MAC or VPS, but you can login to your MT4 account to monitor the trades and results.

Our goal is to grow accounts 10-45% per month.
This for sure depends on market conditions, and past results do not guarantee future profits at all.

This definitely depends on the market conditions, and how many accounts you are running simultaneously.

In general, we expect 0-7 trades per day.

Unfortunately there is no free trial due to misuse of the EA. Plus, you'll receive the unlimited license of our prop firm passing EA which makes it ineligible to return.

The minimum recommended deposit for our EAs is $1,000 with a minimum leverage of 1:100.

Once the software is properly installed on your trading account based on provided tutorials, it will monitor the market.

When trades are available, the robot will place trades automatically and completely hands-off, and then close those trades automatically based on the settings provided by default.

You can manually get involved, but there is no need to do that since the bot is built for the purpose of hands-off trading.

Don’t Live With Regrets! Get On The Forex EAs Train Before It Passes You By

Our Algo EA can help you pass your prop firm challenge using the “Fast Pass” System and show you exactly how it’s done in just a few hours of hands-off trading.