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What Is Forex Expert Advisor? | What Do They Do?

Do Forex Expert Advisors Really Work? Is It Worth Investing In Them?

An expert advisor (EA) is software that tells you when to make trades in the world of foreign exchange (forex) trading. You can even instruct the software to initiate and execute trades based on your trading criteria. Expert advisors are most commonly used in the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 forex trading platforms. You can use an existing EA or develop your own based on the trading parameters you prefer. These EAs are written in MetaQuotes Language, a programming language (MQL). But Do forex expert advisors really work and are they legit enough?

What Is Exactly An Expert Advisor?

Forex trading bot (expert advisor) An expert advisor is a software that automates forex trading. A forex market is open around the world 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can use an expert advisor or a trading tool known as a “forex robot” to execute trades while you are away. These tools allow you to trade while working, sleeping, or doing other things. They, like other artificial intelligence platforms, have some advantages and disadvantages that you should be aware of.

What Are Some Pros & Cons Of Expert Advisors?


If you’re prone to trading when your emotions get the best of you, an EA takes that factor out of the equation. When using an EA, your fears and desire for more profit will not influence your decisions when responding to trading signals; the EA will execute trades based on your input. It has no fear of loss or profit-making mindset; it only executes trades on your behalf. If forex trading is your primary source of income, using an EA can reduce stress levels by removing the mental strain of trading. You can complete your trades for the day and then move on to other tasks or efforts. An EA can take variables into account the for multiple currency pairs at the same time. Many traders use them because of the speed with which they make decisions and act on them.


One disadvantage of using an expert advisor is that it cannot respond to real-time news. It disregards variables that cannot be programmed into it. You can avoid making a trading mistake after a news release if you are at your desk monitoring the news. The EA, on the other hand, is unconcerned about the interest rate decision being published in one hour; it will continue trading (or not) if it is programmed to do so. Despite the fact that the EA can deal with more variables at once than you can, it can only act in the way you’ve instructed it to. Because you are less rigid in your thinking, you can respond to things that are outside the parameters you’ve established.  

What Do Forex EAs (Expert Advisors) Exactly Do?

Expert advisors can work with a variety of trading strategies to match your personal preferences. Many companies have developed EAs that include multiple algorithms in a single solution or different products that work on a single strategy. When you first begin using an EA, the developer will determine how much input you require before launching. Some EAs are open right away – simply press the start button. Others will require some direction, with specific parameters chosen by the user ahead of time. The basic trading styles of EAs can be divided into five categories. Although they go by different names, these are the basic algorithms that are used:
  • Hedge expert consultant – This EA opens two opposing positions, which reduces risk (but also reducing possible profit). It does not need to analyse market conditions; it simply needs to notify the user of the best time to sell to minimize losses.
  • News expert advisor – This type of EA monitors financial news and reacts to allow the user to profit from large price changes.
  • Breakout expert advisor – The breakout EA constantly analyses market behavior to predict when big movements will occur, putting the user in the best position to profit from them.
  • Scalper expert advisor – The scalper takes advantage of small price movements and sells when they are profitable by placing a large number of small trades. This poses less risk to the main capital, but the profit margins are typically lower.
  • Expert advisor which adapts – Many EAs work in an agile, adaptive manner. They can be programmed with a variety of parameters and rules, allowing them to respond to market changes in a variety of ways. As a result, you can use the same software to execute trades focused on hedging, the news, or grid/martingale.
Whichever type of EA you want to use, you can either build it yourself if you know MQL, or you can use MT4’s inbuilt wizard if you don’t want to invest the significant time and effort required to learn a completely new coding language. If you decide to download and install an EA created by another developer, you should always read user reviews and test the EA on a live account.   [thrive_2step id=’5481′]Get A FREE 1-on-1 Trading Session! (Click On The Text)[/thrive_2step]  

Should You Really Use A Forex Expert Advisor?

Expert advisors are used by experienced traders, but they can also be used by inexperienced traders. There are numerous reasons why forex traders seek the assistance of EAs in their trading:

1. Accessibility

EAs are simple to import and use, and if you’re a coding wizard, you can create one to your specific needs. Some EAs provide flexible ways to change the code, and thus the trading parameters and strategy, without knowing MQL – for example, you can change the stop-loss limit, the number of trades you want to make, or the acceptable slippage rate with a few simple clicks. Even if you are not technically capable of changing the parameters, you can easily access and use the basic algorithm, even if you lack specialized knowledge of trading or coding.

2. Huge Time-Saver

As said before, gaining the knowledge and experience required to become a profitable forex trader takes time. Using an EA will not make you the most knowledgeable trader, but it will monitor the market for you in ways that most humans would find difficult. Because the automated expert advisor can run all day, every day, you will have more time to work, spend time with your family, or even sleep without missing out on anything. EAs’ ability to save time is a popular feature and a major selling point.

3. Automatic Machine

Machine learning transforms your EA into a piece of software that is constantly updating. Most EAs employ AI technology that learns as it trades and, with various neural networks at its disposal, can learn much faster than humans. Another advantage of having an EA that is a machine is that the algorithm sees the trade in black and white. It removes emotion from the trade by reducing it to a simple yes/no decision, avoiding human rashness or fear.

4. Super Flexible

While forex expert advisors are typically used on forex markets, they are also adaptable enough to be used on indices, cryptocurrencies, or commodities. Using highly sophisticated algorithms, the EA can be programmed to react to price movement, economic announcements, current available balance, and technical indicators.  


A simple search for expert advisors will yield hundreds of results, each with its own distinct selling point. So you need to make sure to choose your bot wisely and make sure it can give you consistent profits every month.  

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