Pass A Prop Firm Challenge And Get Rid Of Small Accounts

Get A Funded Account For FTMO, MyForexFunds, E8, Or Any Other Proprietary Firm In A Matter Of Days

How to be our Client

1- Purchase your challenge with the Prop Firm of your choice. (FTMO, MyForexFunds, E8 Or Other Prop Firms).

2- Sign up with us and pay the fee for our services. Let's make your challenge completed. Phase 1 (Challenge) and phase 2 (Verification)

3- Get your account funded by us after completing 2 phases. Now you will start trading in real time with Prop Firm.

4- Start making consistent profits through a funded account.

Team Of Experts

A team of highly experienced and skilled traders. All with more than 9 years in the Forex market.

We don't ONLY use EAs

By having expert traders in our team, rest assured the quality of trades is top-notch.

Advanced risk management

Our trading team takes risk management into consideration that is practiced in our customers accounts.

Over 90% Success rate

We have developed a specific strategy for challenges that is capable of passing challenges in no time with high accuracy.

Advantages of a funded account.

Getting a funded account allows every trader specially beginners, to get access a capital that would be very difficult at the beginning of their journey. With this you can obtain higher financial returns right at the beginning of your trading career with a minimal risk. For a very small amount in relation to the size of the funded account you can start profiting more from your trades since day 1.

For example:
For a $100,000 funded account you will pay about $500. A price 200x less than the total amount of the funded account. And we all know that 95% of traders that start out have less than $5,000 capital. So it can be more advantageous for you to start with a funded account and make profit on a $100,000 account than a $5,000 account.
If you have a 10% return on a $5,000 account you would get $500 while for a $100,000 account you would get $10,000. And most beginner traders lose their accounts because they opt for a very aggressive trading style aiming for very high returns precisely because they have a small capital that brings little financial profit.

And we at Smart EA Incubator can help you get your account funded starting today.


How do I get a funded account?


That is the most important question and the answer is so clear! You need to pass 2 phases of a challenge of some Prop Firms.

Prop Firms are companies with huge capital potential with the aim of hiring traders who are consistent and have a profitable strategy in the long run so that together they can make money on the Forex market.

The process is very simple. You need to pass a separate 2 phases challenge with some trading rules that are designed to test your skills. Phase 1 is usually 30 days and phase 2 is 60 days.
If during this evaluation period you do not violate the rules of daily loss, maximum loss and reach the total profit target you will receive your funded account. From that moment on Prop Firm starts copying your trades. The profit over time is divided between the funded trader and the prop firm. In general it is an 80/20 split. Being 80% for the trader and 20% for Prop Firm.

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3 Easy Steps To Get Funded Fast

Buy your challenge

Choose a Prop Firm of your choice and purchase your challenge directly from the company’s website.

Pay our fee

Pay our service fee from one of the pricing tables below and let us pass your challenge for you and get you funded.

Monitor the progress

Send us your credentials to get started and track progress in real time on your MT4 app and Prop Firm dashboard.

Traditional Prop Firms Challenge Fee
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$10K Challenge

Only $497

Service Fee

$20K Challenge

Only $697

Service Fee

$50K Challenge

Only $1,497

Service Fee

$100K Challenge

Only $1,897

Service Fee

$200K Challenge

Only $2,549

Service Fee

Challenges Over $200k

Only $2,997

Service Fee

Fast Pass Challenges (Only Certain Prop Firms)