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“Profit Mastery Incubator” is a Forex expert advisor (EA) that helps traders calculate their R:R + their exact lot size in less than a second (yes you read it right, it’s going to make the life way easier).

If you are a beginner trader or even an advanced trader, you have definitely experienced the pain when it comes to calculating risk to reward ratio. Let me tell you a story.

I’ve been trading Forex since 2019 and I’m not sure whether you know that or not, but I heavily got scammed by a fake mentor who also taught me how to calculate my R:R for each trade. Funny huh? :)

Well, I’ve also learned some stuff, but I want to tell you about the process I was going through each and every time I was opening a trade. Imagine you see a perfect and beautiful setup but you suddenly get stressed out because you need to rush and enter the trade otherwise it says goodbye to you and you need to wait for Gizillion hours for the next setup. (happened to me 100 times maybe 120).

Beside that, I remember having a pen and a paper with me and calculating the R:R literally manually and most of the times, either I was dead wrong, or the trade was already gone by the time I wanted to make a move.

After that, I got updated a little bit and came across a website that calculates the R:R by giving it the pair you are trading, the stoploss pip amount and your account currency :|

I know what you are thinking, oh boy another 2 minutes for calculating the risk, and here we are again, we missed a move.

That’s why after going up and down and thinking about an initiative technique to calculate R:R with NO headache and NO fluff at all, we’ve finally built a system that literally does everything from 0 to 100 by just entering some default numbers before you start trading. (Yes no more pen and paper or laggy websites to keep you waiting for 2 hours).



As you can see in the image, there a few a sections that allow you set up your preferences and get ready to JUST enter your position or put a limit order or stop order.

Manual lot: Manual lot is an effective tool if you have a relatively small account and you want all your trades to open with a lot size you determine due to risk management. You can use this section when you have a specific strategy for growing your account with a fixed lot size and it can be changed to any lot size amount.

Automatic Lot: When you set it to “active”, the EA automatically calculates the risk based on the “Percentage of risk relative to equity (%)”

Percentage of risk relative to equity (%): This is by far, one of the most practical parts of this EA that accelerates the calculation process and gives you a proper lot size selection based on the risk percentage you determine prior to that. (It’ll be fully explained in the instruction video)

For example, let’s say you would like to risk 3% on your next position, the EA will calculate the 3% depending where you place your stoploss. If the stoploss is 20 pips away from the entry, it gives a certain lot size, and if it’s 200 pips away from the entry, it gives you another lot size that ONLY risks 3% of the account. Sounds cool?

This is the tool you place your “buy” or “sell” trades after you place TP and SL, and Delete is to remove the indication.

As you can see in the images above, this tool shows you the exact R:R and also shows exactly how much it’s risking or going to make a profit.

This yellow line shows how far the stoploss can go to. If you try to set your stoploss above the yellow line (sell position), it’s going to give you an error message like this:

There is also another cool feature this EA has, and that is the risk management rule system.

It means that the EA identifies whether your entry is going to be lower or higher than minimum 1:1 and if not, you will receive different notifications accordingly.

For example, let’s say you want to open a sell/buy position and your R:R is lower than 1:1, in this case you will receive a message like this:

We’ve built this system to remind traders to take risk management into consideration and take high quality entries.

You see how different it gets when you use an expert advisor that does all the hard job for you and you just need to select a few numbers before your entry to make sure your risk calculation is 100% correct?

 Start your journey with Profit Mastery Incubator and simplify manual trading to the next level by messaging us on Whatsapp if you like to test it before purchase.