Smart Ea Incubator

Gold Ea Incubator


Gold Ea Incubator

From: $197.00 every 3 months

14 day money back guarantee if not profitable



Cancel Anytime + ​14 day money back guarantee if not profitable (Not suitable for prop firm challenges)

The first fully automated Gold trading robot with an advanced news filter which allows this EA to analyze both technical and fundamental news and take proper trades in a proper time.


  • Capable of analyzing technical and fundamental news
  • 8% to 15% Monthly profit
  • Fully Automatic – Hands-free trading
  • Auto risk management and lot size selection
  • Only for XAUUSD pair on Metatrader4
  • Best setting is given as default
  • Full set up guide  
  • 1 Demo 1 Live account
  • Open and Close trade in profit automatically
  • Free Lifetime updates


Account 1: – $1,000 USD account 

we’ve created 1 live account with the minimum recommended fund of 1000 usd to show daily results of the EA to our clients


Account 2: $1,000 CAD account

we created 1 live account with $1,000 CAD in March 7th and we gained over 29% profit in 13 days.



(The reason for our balance drop from May 16th to May 17th is because we manually manipulated some parameters inside the settings tab that caused this loss, otherwise, we would have been up over 140% in profit)

+ Tens of other testimonials that are getting ready

How Does Gold Ea Incubator Work ?

Gold Ea Incubator works only on the XAUUSD pair on metatrader4. It has built-in programs which are developed to analyze the market, fundamental news and collect all the market and news information to place the trade profitably. It is designed and programmed to trade only above 88% accuracy and in the worst case, if the trades go into drawdown, it will utilize it’s smart grid to breakeven the trades without loss. For better Understanding on how well it works, order and try it on a demo account, it has 14 day full refund policy so it’s risk free to test it.

What are the requirements to use Gold Ea Incubator?

Easy 5 minutes setup, settings are already set by default into the EA and just run it without making any changes.

  1. Metatrader4 demo or live account – ECN or Standard account type.
  2. 1000 USD (or other strong currencies) in the account or above (also tested with a $100 account and worked)
  3. Download the zip file and unzip it
  4. Drag and drop the expert file into expert folder of your mt4.
  5. In the mt4 open XAUUSD chart put it on 5 minutes and add the EA file to the chart and get the alert error
  6. Send your 1 Demo or 1 Live MT4 account number to [email protected] and request activation. (it will only activate after doing the 5th step, after you receive the error alert we can activate the EA on our end by getting your email)
  7. The below video explain how to run it, we also offer post purchase support


How Do You Guarantee Results

We absolutely do! Our goal is transparency with our high quality tools.

  • Follow the Given Setting
  • Test it on a Demo account for 14 days
  • In 14 Days it will show how well it works
  • If not email us and request for an immediate refund.


Important Notes To Pay Attention To:

  • Please note : Having open trades for a few days in drawdown is normal please be patient until the EA close them in Profit .
  • Do Not close any open trades manually or Do Not trade manually on same account, it will mess with the EA’s money management system
  • Do not run any other indicators or robots on same the account as Gold EA Incubator is running.
  • Do not run the EA on account below 1000 USD,CAD,GBP,EUR and don’t use Mini or Cent accounts.
  • Make sure Auto trade option on your mt4 is on.
  • Gold Ea Incubator must be online 24 hours, in order to keep your mt4 online always it is better to use a VPS for online hosting.
  • Any Windows VPS is possible to use also we can recommend below VPS, get the windows monthly 9 USD VPS. Installation guide will be given from the host.



Best Broker to use (+Get a Free VPS by using our link)

  • Gold Ea Incubator works on all mt4 broker account
  • It’s important that the broker has low fees, low swap as well as a high speed server
  • We recommend our clients to use Blueberry Market broker (Regulated) because their server speed and fees will cause better result on auto trading + their deposit and withdrawal is done by cryptocurrency which allows you to do it from all around the world.
  • ECN account type with leverage of 1:500
  • Click Here To Sign Up With Blueberry Market Broker (Regulated Broker + a free vps).
  • They have a very tight spread on XAUUSD which will help Gold EA Incubator to work way more accurately.



Daily news and updates

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  1. How do the EA’s/indicators work?

EA’s also known as expert advisors are a form of artificial intelligence that automatically trades on your behalf. Indicators are signals displayed on the chart that let you know when to buy and sell.

  1. When do I get the product after purchasing?

The download link will be sent to you directly by email after your purchase and login to the members area to download all the files + the instructions.

  1. How do I install the Ea/indicator?

Our Ea’s/ indicators are easy to install, there are two methods for installation either using the provided Pdf guide book or using our installation videos provided on our website.

  1. Can I use the EA on android/ios?

The EA’s/indicators can only be installed on the MT4 application on your computer but can be monitored using your smartphone.

  1. Can I have multiple accounts?

Each purchase grants you only one live and one demo account.

  1. Can I change my account number?

Yes, only if you provide proof your existing account has been deactivated.

  1. Can I use the demo key on a real account?

No, each key is provided specific to the account type.

  1. What pairs can I trade?

Each of our EA’s handle different pairs based on the applied settings which are given to you in our provided user guide after purchase .

  1. What kind of support do you offer?

We offer our clients support daily from 9 am to 5pm MST -7 on several platforms such as Email, live support and social media.

  1. What broker do I use?

Our EA’s/indicators are supported by all MT4 brokers however we recommend Blueberry Markets broker.

  1. Why is my EA not taking any trades?

EA’s might not make any trades due to several reasons such as; a) Allow DLL imports box has not been checked. b) Auto trading button on the top bar is off. c) Incorrect time frame. d) Preset files have not been installed correctly. E) Market is closed during the weekend.

  1. Can I change the settings on my EA?

Yes, however you take full accountability for overriding the best strategic settings we have given you by default.

  1. What is the monthly gain?

Monthly gains vary based on both the market and the EA. For better clarification please visit our myfxbook links. However, based on our experience, the robot usually generates around 10 to 45% profit on a monthly basis.

  1. What payment methods are available?

We accept payment through Visa and Mastercard

  1. Can I run more than one Ea on the same account?

No, each EA must be installed on a separate account number and MT4 platform.

  1. Can I use multiple indicators on the same account?

No, Please only use the indicator that we provide to you with the software

  1. What’s the minimum required fund and lot size I need to start ?

The minimum fund required to start is $1,000 of any main currency and the lot size is set automatically based on your fund by the EA. However, we’ve tested it on a lower balance and worked well. But please note the possible drawdown on a small account is higher than a $1k account and it’s not highly protected.