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Flipping Strategy + Mentorship

Flipping Strategy + Mentorship


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The flipping strategy + mentorship is a fully customized course that show you how to flip any small account (as small as $10), to a few hundred dollars or even thousands.

Yes it is possible.

Using an advanced strategy our trader uses to analyze the market and get sniper entries is something that can open your eyes to the market and change your perspective about trading..

This is a course for Synthetic indices and not Forex.

The platform we use for this strategy is called “Deriv” which is from and this is the only one that provides synthetic indices pairs.

Please note that there are some restrictions for certain countries and if you are in the list, then we need to help you get verified using a different method so you can start trading with this platform. So please make sure to contact us prior to that so we walk you through the entire process from getting you access to the course and verifying your account for you so you can start trading…


  • Designed by Top Traders
  • You can flip any small account to thousands of dollars using a simple, yet advanced strategy
  • Comes with advanced indicators to help you analyze the market much more efficiently
  • 24/7 market unlike Forex
  • Focused on 4 pairs only and no distraction with hundreds of pairs
  • Flexible Risk Management
  • Full set up guide and step by step tutorial
  • Weekly Zoom sessions to answer all your questions
  • 1-on-1 Mentorship upon your request with the trader himself to take your trading to the next level


Watch the video below to see how our trader flipped $28 to $526 in less than 24 hours and you can also see its proof in our Telegram channel HERE. When you enter the channel, search #FlippingStrategy in the search bar and see all the videos that we’ve recorded step by step since the beginning of them.



What are the requirements to get access to the course materials?

When you enroll in the course + mentorship program, you’ll be able to join the VIP channel where we’ve uploaded all the videos.

In order to get approved in the channel, please send us your receipt to our Telegram support which is and they’ll approve your request to the VIP channel.

Congrats! You are in and you can watch all the videos from the beginning and attend our weekly Zoom sessions to accelerate your learning process to become a profitable trader.

Due to educational contents of the course, the sale is final with no refunds.


If you are a resident of any of the countries below, Please contact us on Telegram before enrolling in the course since we need to assist you with verifying a different account for you…

We’ll share the process with you after you contact us to make sure you can also take advantage of this huge opportunity and start flipping any account to a large one..

Belarus (BY)
Canada (CA)
Caribbean (BQ)
Cayman Islands (KY)
Cuba (CU)
Guernsey (GG)
Guam (GU)
Hong Kong (HK)
Israel (IL)
Iran (IR)
Isle of Man (IOM)
Jersey (JE)
Jordan (JO)
Myanmar (MM)
Malaysia (MY)
Malta (MT)
Northern Mariana Islands (MP)
North Korea (KP)
Paraguay (PY)
Puerto Rico (PR)
Rwanda (RW)
Singapore (SG)
South Sudan (SS)
Syria (SY)
United Arab Emirates (UAE)
United Kingdom (UK)
United States Minor Outlying Islands (UM)
U.S. Virgin Islands (VI)
U.S. Outlying Islands
United States (US)
Vanuatu (VU)