Smart Ea Incubator

Alpha EA Incubator (For Prop Firm Accounts)

Alpha EA Incubator (For Prop Firm Accounts)


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Please note that the Weekly Zoom mentorship sessions are separate from the main product which is Alpha EA Incubator.


The best settings will be provided to you by default, however, this indicator and EA are able to work on any timeframe and any pair, so the options are a lot but we’ll share the ones that we mostly focus on in our VIP Telegram channel which you will be added in after you grab your license.


  • Designed by Top Traders
  • Access to the developer of the EA’s weekly Zoom sessions (Additional fee)
  • Customizable settings for lot size and other settings
  • Works on any pair and any timeframe and only for Metatrader 4
  • Flexible Risk Management
  • Full set up guide  
  • Unlimited accounts and lifetime
  • Average Drawdown Less than 5% on low risk
  • Free Lifetime updates


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                                     Account 1: $100,000 Challenge on Mid Risk


                                     Account 2: $100,000 Challenge on Low Risk

                                     Some Examples Of Passed Challenges By Clients (More Results In Telegram Channel . Search #AlphaEaIncubator in the channel and see all the related results)

Turbo Gold Incubator Verified Results (Which you’ll get as a bonus alongside Alpha EA if no coupon is applied):



How Do Alpha EA Incubator And The Indicator Work ?

Alpha EA Incubator and the indicator work on any pair and any timeframe on metatrader 4. It has built-in programs which are developed to analyze the market with technical analysis and collect all the market information to place the trade profitably. It is designed and programmed to trade only above 90% accuracy.

What are the requirements to use Alpha EA Incubator?

Easy 2-minute setup, settings are already set by default but we let you know exactly what parameters to change for the best results.

  • Metatrader 4 demo or live account – can be with prop firms, personal accounts or even funded prop firm accounts
  • It can work on any account as small as $500
  • Download the zip file and unzip it after we send them to you on Telegram
  • Install the indicator + the EA according to the instruction video
  • In the mt4, open any pair’s chart and put it on the timeframe you want to add the EA file to


Important Notes To Pay Attention To:

  • Please note : Having open trades for a few days in drawdown is normal please be patient until the EA close them in Profit .
  • Do Not close any open trades manually or Do Not trade manually on the same account, it will mess with the EA’s money management system
  • Do not run any other indicators or robots at the same time on the account that Alpha EA Incubator is running.
  • Do not run the EA on account below 500 USD,CAD,GBP,EUR and don’t use Mini or Cent accounts.
  • Make sure Auto trade option on your mt4 is on.
  • Alpha EA Incubator must be online 24 hours, in order to keep your mt4 online always it is better to use a VPS for online hosting.
  • Any Windows VPS is possible to use also we can recommend below VPS. Installation guide will be given from the host.




Daily news and updates

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  1. How do the EAs/indicators work?

EAs also known as expert advisors are a form of artificial intelligence that automatically trades on your behalf. Indicators are signals displayed on the chart that let you know when to buy and sell.

  1. When do I get the product after purchasing?

You will need to contact us on Telegram or Whatsapp in order to receive the licenses that are attached to your MT4 account numbers

  1. How do I install the Ea/indicator?

Our Eas/ indicators are easy to install, there are two methods for installation either using the provided Pdf guide book or using our installation videos provided on our website.

  1. Can I use the EA on android/ios?

The EA’s/indicators can only be installed on the MT4  application on your computer but can be monitored using your smartphone.

  1. Can I have multiple accounts?

Yes this licenses allows you to have it on unlimited number of accounts

  1. Can I use the demo key on a real account?

No, each key is provided specific to the account type.

  1. What pairs can I trade?

Each of our EA’s handle different pairs based on the applied settings which are given to you in our provided user guide after purchase .

  1. What kind of support do you offer?

We offer our clients support daily from 9 am to 5pm MST -7 on several platforms such as Email, live support and social media.

  1. What broker do I use?

Our EA’s/indicators are supported by all MT4 brokers however we recommend Opofinance broker

  1. Why is my EA not taking any trades?

EA’s might not make any trades due to several reasons such as; a) Allow DLL imports box has not been checked. b) Auto trading button on the top bar is off. c) Incorrect time frame. d) Preset files have not been installed correctly. E) Market is closed during the weekend.

  1. Can I change the settings on my EA?

Yes, however you take full accountability for overriding the best strategic settings we have given you by default.

  1. What is the monthly gain?

Monthly gains vary based on both the market and the EA. For better clarification please visit our myfxbook links. However, based on our experience, the robot usually generates around 8% to 20% profit on a monthly basis.

  1. What payment methods are available?

We accept payment through Visa and Mastercard and Crypto

  1. Can I run more than one Ea on the same account?

No, each EA must be installed on a separate account number and MT4/MT5 platform.

  1. Can I use multiple indicators on the same account?

No, Please only use the indicator that we provide to you with the software

  1. What’s the minimum required fund and lot size I need to start ?

The minimum fund required to start is $300 of any main currency and the lot size is set automatically based on your fund by the EA. However, we’ve tested it on a lower balance and worked well. But please note the possible drawdown on a small account is higher than a $1k account and it’s not highly protected.