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What is Gold EA Incubator and how does it exactly help traders to gain consistent profits?The first fully automatic Gold trading robot with an advanced news filter which allows this EA to analyze both technical and fundamental news and take proper trades in a proper time.


  • Capable of analyzing technical and fundamental news
  • 8% to 15% Monthly profit
  • Fully Automatic – Hands-free trading
  • Auto risk management and lot size selection
  • Only for XAUUSD pair on Metatrader4
  • Best setting is given as default
  • Full set up guide  
  • 1 Demo 1 Live account
  • Open and Close trade in profit automatically
  • One time payment with Free updates

Account 1: – 1000 USD account 

we’ve created 1 live account with the minimum recommended fund of 1000 usd to show daily results of the EA to our clients

Account 2: 100,000 USD account

we’ve created 1 live account with the EA running on a 100K account to show daily result of the EA to our clients

How Does Gold Ea Incubator Work ?

Gold Ea Incubator works only on the XAUUSD pair on metatrader4.

It has built-in programs which are developed to analyze the market, fundamental news and collect all the market and news information to place the trade profitably.

It is designed and programmed to trade only above 88% accuracy and in the worst case, if the trades go into drawdown, it will utilize it’s smart grid to breakeven the trades without loss.

For better Understanding on how well it works, order and try it on a demo account, it has 14 day full refund policy so it’s risk free to test it.


What are the requirements to use Gold Ea Incubator?

Easy 5 minutes setup, settings are already set by default into the EA and just run it without making any changes.

  1. Metatrader4 demo or live account – ECN or Standard account type.
  2. 1000 USD fund in the account or above
  3. Download the zip file after ordering and unzip it
  4. Drag and drop the expert file into expert folder of your mt4.
  5. In the mt4 open XAUUSD chart put it on 5 minutes and add the EA file to the chart and get the alert error
  6. Send your 1 Demo or 1 Live MT4 account number to [email protected] and request activation. (it will only activate after doing the 5th step, after you receive the error alert we can activate the EA on our end by getting your email)
  7. The below video explain how to run it, we also offer post purchase support


How Do You Guarantee Results? 

We absolutely do! Our goal is transparency with our high quality tools.

  • Follow the Given Setting
  • Test it on a Demo account for 14 days
  • In 14 Days it will show how well it works
  • If not email us and request for an immediate refund.

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$500 Bonus For Every 25 Sales LIFETIME!

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